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volvo xsea40

powerboat concept

Bridget Tangaere
Carmen He
Daniel Shorrock
Nathaniel Castro
Taylor Wickman

2019 Best Awards
Gold Winner
Student Product

The academic brief provided was to design a jet-powered boat within dimensional parameters provided. Through exploring the relationship between 3D software and traditional technologies, a sophisticated concept was created. Utilising different skill sets, our team demonstrated competencies in investigation, visualisation, CAD, prototyping, graphic communication, and modelmaking to create a render-accurate 1:15 scale model. Through iterative cycles of drawing, modelling, and CAD development, we have developed the Volvo XSEA40; a brand inspired boat which expresses high qualities of human-centric design, aesthetic development, and function. We selected Volvo as a brand to design for because their brand identity is based more around a lifestyle and experience and has ties to the Volvo Ocean Race and the Volvo Penta Brand. A new boat concept would fit well within their current portfolio. Research derived design criteria led to the development of the XSEA40 in a direction that seamlessly united the sleek and distinguishable aesthetic of Volvo with the powerful nature of the sea.