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An academic brief was undertaken for my Honours year major project. 12 weeks were spent on researching Parkinson’s Disease and the issues prominent within daily tasks for those patients. A further 12 weeks were spent developing that research into concepts and generating what would take form as Levo.

With a project aim of positively improving a patient’s experience when completing a daily task, this project utilised skills to demonstrate competencies in visualisation, CAD, prototyping, and graphic communication in order to create a successful solution. Levo was developed as an ergonomic pill bottle that addresses the needs of Parkinson’s patients when taking medication through making the process more user-friendly and mechanically usable by people with dexterity issues and weakened grip strength.

As well as being designed for the user, Levo is designed for the home. Design criteria led the development of Levo in a way where the seamless integration of it into the home was absolutely essential. The base creates a centralised environment where Levo can be displayed rather than put somewhere in a cabinet and serves as a constant reminder to take their medication as part of their daily routine.

Levo can be used by itself or in combination with its home base. The user can simply squeeze the bottle to dispense a singular pill either directly into the user’s other hand or into the tray of the base. It also includes features such as a colour indication on the base of the lid for the user to be able to distinguish the contents inside the bottle.