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Initial research group:
Carmen He
Oscar Jackson

Over the course of 12 weeks, a two-part brief was undertaken; the first part to build an in-depth understanding of interaction, human factors, sensory experience and analysis within a given topic, the second to a develop relevant design that respond to the research findings.

Being assigned the topic ‘laundry – external drying’, as a group we researched into the entire process related to the tasks of doing laundry. From the initial task of collecting dirty laundry in the basket to the end task of retrieving the washing and bringing it back inside, our group identified a few issues that were mainly split into three categories; washing laundry, transporting laundry, and hanging washing laundry.

From these salient findings, Atlas was developed and designed with user comfort in mind. To help ease the strain of bending down or reaching inside traditional washing machines, Atlas utilises a drop-down system to ensure the initial task of washing laundry is done at a comfortable height.